Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to the Isagenix 30 Day Holiday Challenge

Congratulations on being one of the few, the extraordinary who are going to finish 2010 healthier, fitter, and leaner than they started. While most people are going to eat their way through the holiday season only to find themselves over fed, and disgusted, you are going to have a stronger immune system, a detoxified body, restored antioxidants, improved digestion, no cravings, restored blood sugar levels, beautiful skin, oh and did I mention less fat!!

Over the next 30 days you can expect to lost 9 - 15+ pounds. Your body fat will drop 2 - 5%.  Expect to lose up to 15 inches off your measurements and look younger too!  Everyone will want to know your secret.

Know you are starting Isagenix 30 Holiday Challenge with support of your coaches and many others who just like you want 2011 to be their best year and are willing to do something great to jumpstart it. They too may be a little nervous about following the plan throughout the holidays. The great news is that even if you don't follow the plan perfectly for all 30 days, you are still WAY ahead on December 30th! 

So, this board is your place to communicate. Ask questions, share your successes and challenges, share a recipe or workout tip and support each other. Your coaches will be here to encourage and empower you as well. 

To get started, join this blog and introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, why you choose to start this challenge now, why you are motivated to win and any strategy you want to share.

Once you receive your Isagenix order for the 30 day plan, take your measurements and photos which will be used to judge the winner.  You should start the Isagenix program on Dec 1st and you will finish on Dec 30th - feeling fantastic!

Your coaches will be posting information here so be sure to check back often.

Oh and if you have not ordered yet, go to now to get your 30 day body and health changing program.

We look forward to hearing your success stories.